JesseBae Dobermans

JesseBae's Chelsea Nicole, CD

Dec 6, 2003 - August 26, 2016

Best of All

Best Working Girl, HIT, Always Qualified

My "C" litter was a great success, combining Micah's and Rufina's working lines, resulting in robust pups with strong drive. Chelsea is a good example. Her conformation is good, her movement is excellent and she has awesome working aptitude. Though we entered a limited number of trials, the only time that we did not qualify was when I missed a station in Rally. She always performed well in the ring.

Chelsea was the penultimate companion, always by my side, devoted and asking for little in return. Her innate guarding instincts were strong. Even friends I had over several times would still get a bark or two from her, even after being there 30 mintes. Only the few she knew from her puppy days didn't get a bark. But also nothing more than a bark, simply announcing that she was on guard.

I would love to be able to produce another "C" litter. Because both Micah and Rufina received Longevity certificates from the DPCA, the "C" litter qualifisd for the "Bred for Longevity" certificate.

I've had many Dobermans, and like people each is special in its own way. But in my heart I feel that she was the best, and I told her so many times, even as I crossed her over, holding and caressing her.